JPEXCHANGE is a startup project started in 2018. We are a company that allows users to make payments through the blockchain system.

Among companies operating in the field of e-commerce. The company has received four licenses from the Japan SEC - one for providing a crypto exchange service, one for a digital token exchange service, one for a digital brokerage service, and one for a digital token brokerage service. We invest, provide cryptocurrency exchange services such as BTC, XRP, ETC, and ETH. Users on our system can make payments without having to use cash for restaurant, hotel, and bill payment services.

We have tried to work within our country. Currently, we want to connect with investors around the world. Providing crypto exchange services is one of the trends in the world. Therefore, we are confident that JPEXCHANGE will develop further in the future.

Our office

  • Mackenyu Arata

    Founder - CEO

    Samrit Suwattana graduated in computer technology. Has 5 years of finance experience. Samrit started JPEXCHANGE in 2018, after he turned down a job offer from a financial company in the US. He has a lot of achievements in startup forums in Japan.

  • Thomas Pollock

    Technology management

    Thomas joined JPEXCHANGE in January 2019. Thomas joined JPEXCHANGE in January 2019. Thomas is the head of our IT Security department.He is responsible for JPEXCHANGE's technology issues, developing the APP. Thomas used to work for Google in 2018.

  • Nuengthida Sophon


    Nuengthida Sophon is the co-founder of JPEXCHANGE. Returning to Japan in 2018, Nuengthida decided to start a business according to her dream when she was majoring in Marketing in Australia. Nuengthida plays a very important role in promoting JPEXCHANGE and personnel issues.